Samacheer Kalvi 12th English Grammar Active and Passive Voice


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Tamilnadu Samacheer Kalvi 12th English Grammar Active and Passive Voice

There are two ways of expressing an action by using a transitive verb.

Read the following sentences:

  1. Magesh killed a rat.
  2. A rat was killed by Magesh.

These two sentences have the same meaning. These are simply two different ways of saying the same thing. There is, however, a shift in stress on the agent and also a change in the form of the verb. In sentence (i), the subject ‘Magesh ’ is the ‘doer’ of the action. It acts or is active. So the verb ’’killed’’ is in an active voice. In sentence (ii), the subject ’A rat’ is the ‘receiver’ of action. It suffers the action done by someone else (Magesh, in this case). It is acted upon. So the verb ‘ was killed’ is in the passive voice.

A. Rewrite the following sentences using passive voice:
1. The police have verified the truth of his testimony.
The truth of his testimony has been verified by the police.

2. Circumstances will oblige Mr. Rao to quit his post.
Mr. Rao will be obliged by the circumstances to quit his post.

3. Someone pinched Peter’s wallet in the train.
Peter’s wallet has been pinched by some one in the train.

4. How have you solved the puzzle?
How has the puzzle been solved by you.

5. The drunkards made a mess during the marriage party.
A mess was made by drunkards during the marriage party.

6. Is it possible to buy LED TV in installments with 0% interest?
Can LED TV be bought in installments with 0% interest?

7. Who taught you such a rude behaviour?
By whom were you taught such a rude behaviour?

8. One must endure what is incurable.
What can’t be cured has to be endured.

9. Do not tell lies.
Let lies not be told.

10. Is someone following you?
Are you being followed by someone?

11. Everyone should love his motherland.
Motherland should be loved by everyone.

12. It is now necessary to consult a heart specialist.
A heart specialist must be consulted now.

13. Has any other bank refused you a loan before?
Have you ever been refused a loan before by any bank?

14. Did you see my data card.
Was my data card seen by you?

15. Mr. Jeffrey teaches us English excellently.
We are taught English excellently by Mr. Jeffrey.

B. Rewrite the following sentences using active voice:

1. The vacation in Kodaikanal will be enjoyed by Mala.
Mala will enjoy the vacation in Kodaikanal.

2. This quarrel must have been triggered by our friends.
Our friends must have triggered this quarrel.

3. Why should she be suspected by you.
Why should you suspect her?

4. This technical work could have been done only by an adult.
A child could not have done this technical work.

5. Those who help themselves are helped by God.
God helps those who help themselves.

6. A village is ravaged by a cyclone occasionally.
A cyclone ravages villages occasionally.

7. Let the boats be lowered and the drowning man be rescued.
Lower the boats and rescue the drowning man.

8. Superstitions are believed by even American Scientists.
Many American scientists too believe in superstitions.

9. The new leader is not liked by some people.
Some people do not like the new leader.

10. Let the feelings of elders not be hurt.
Do not hurt the feelings of elders.

11. This contract must be signed by both the parents.
Both the parents must sign this contract.

12. I must never be betrayed by my friend Vistara.
My. friend Visthara must never betray me.

13. The city was wrecked by the cyclone.
The cyclone wrecked the city.

14. These directions can be understood by even an illiterate person with some common sense.
Even an illiterate with a little common-sense can understand these directions.

15. The melodious voice of T.M. Soundarrajan will no more be heard.
We shall no more hear the melodious voice of T.M. Soundarrajan.