Samacheer Kalvi 12th English Slogan Writing

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Tamilnadu Samacheer Kalvi 12th English Slogan Writing

Writing slogans for advertising a brand or a movement is a creative activity requiring imagination and literary talent. A slogan conveys a message in a nutshell. It is catchy so as to draw immediate attention. It is brief and to the point. It promotes a product or a movement. It should highlight the merits of the item or movement, evoking a desirable response in the readers. It uses proverbs and wise-sayings in a modem version.


  • A deodorant: Drives bad smell away
  • To highlight the risks of obesity: Shed off your surplus weight to shed down the chances of heart problems.

Write slogans:

Question 1.
to advertise about Nike shoes.
Walk with pride.

Question 2.
to highlight the risks of Dengue fever.
Keep mosquitoes away.

Question 3.
To advertise about LED bulbs.
Illuminates your life.

Question 4.
To highlight the benefit of inverter A/C.
Keeps you cool even during power cuts.

Question 5.
To advertise about Nippon batteries.
Moves on and on.

Question 6.
To highlight Ayurvedic toothpaste.
Keeps germs away and helps your teeth sparkle.

Question 7.
To advertise services of SBI.
Grow with us.

Question 8.
To highlight uses of Camlin eraser.
Erases everything but the past.