Samacheer Kalvi 12th English Story Writing

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Tamilnadu Samacheer Kalvi 12th English Story Writing

1. A young student–Keerti–rainy season–enjoying the evening tea–hears some noise–opens the door–a small cat–drenched in rain–looks at Keerti–meows as if pleading–Keerti confused–cat continues meowing–Keerti stays silent–cat runs inside–Keerti searches–cat not found–forgets about the cat–goes to bed–Keerti hears a noise from the garden–sees the cat fighting with a snake–gets frightened–thank God for saving life through the cat–Keerti’s generosity’ paid off.

A young student, Keerti was having her evening tea enjoying the rains. Suddenly she hears some noise and goes out to check. When she opens the door, she finds a small cat meowing as if pleading to be let inside. Keerti didn’t know what to do as she felt pity for the cat. The cat kept on meowing and finding Keerti silent, it ran inside to a safe and warm comer of the house. Keerti couldn’t find where the cat had hidden. She forgot about it and after finishing dinner with her parents went to her bedroom.

While she was rethinking about the! cat’s incident and was asking herself if she had done the right thing by being generous to the cat. Suddenly she heard a noise from the garden. When she opened the windows, she found the cat tearing at a snake’s head with it’s fingernails. Keerti realised the value of being generous and thanked God for having rewarded her for the generosity she showed towards the cat.

2. Raghavan reading newspaper–his wife mentioned her lottery ticket–Raghavan–no interest–asked for ticket number–wife gave him the number–series number found–started imagining–planning to spend–ticket number not found–disappointed–dreams came to an end.

Raghavan, a middle class man basically did not have faith in lottery luck. His wife Shobha a house wife once bought a lottery. On her request Raghavan saw results. He realized the series 1045 had won a prize. Shobha insisted on verifying the last two digits. Brushing aside her concern, he started daydreaming. He started his plan of buying an estate with twenty five lakhs in Ooty or Munnar. He wished to pay ten thousand on immediate expenses like new house, furniture, travel and paying small debts.

The thought of travel w ith his wife repulsed him. He even planned to go abroad. He started hating his wife’s poor relatives. Shobha also got annoyed seeing her husband’s plan of spending her money. When the hostility became unbearable, he disclosed the results with spite, the last tw o digits were 56 and not 36. His i wife Shobha got upset. She pitied her husband. Raghavan went out in helpless fury.

3. Old fisherman–as usual cast his net–caught a gold–fish–fish cried, “take pity and put me back in water”–promised to compensate handsomely–fisherman returned home empty handed–wife angry–asked for a new tub–went to fish–wish granted–next the wife asked for a new home–wish granted–again the wife demanded for a marble palace, v silk dresses and servants–wife not satisfied–w ished to be queen and rule–fisherman went to fish–fish disappeared without granting any wish–fisherman returned home; saw wife washing clothes in old leaking tub in the old wooden hut.

Once there was a poor fisherman who lived with his w ife in a hut. One day as usual he left for fishing and cast his net into the sea. He caught a small gold–fish. He was taken aback when he heard the fish pleading for it’s life. She promised to compensate him handsomely. He returned home empty–handed which made his wife angry. So he narrated the whole story’ to his wife. The wife couldn’t believe what he said. To test the truth, firstly she asked him to ask the fish for a new tub. The fisherman went and asked the fish for a new tub, the fish replied, “go back home, your wish will be granted’’.

When he went back home, he found ’ the new tub. This made his wife greedy. The wife again asked him to and ask the fish for a new’ house, he did so. The fish granted that wish also. Fisherman’s wife didn’t stop with this, she again asked for a marble palace, new dresses and servants. The fish granted them also, This made her w’onder if she could become a queen and rule over the whole earth. When the fisherman w ent and told the fish about this wish, it didn’t speak anything, but disappeared.

The fisherman came back to see that all they wished for were gone and his wife was washing clothes again in the old leaking tub.

4. Doorbell rang–Kumar opened the door–tall and well–dressed man stood before him–could not recognise–tall man spoke–Kumar recognised the voice–could not believe–Aravind returned–Aravind–elder brother–when young–scored poor marks–school teachers called parents–bad student–father furious–bet him–father angry–Aravind sad–runs away–father and mother search for Aravind–not found–police complaint–still not found–parents sad for long–forgot Aravind–Aravind returned–parents happy–arrangement for marriage.

Sunil, a youngster, was watching movie at his home. Doorbell rang and he went to look who it was. When he opened the door, he saw a well–dressed tall man standing in front of him. He could not recognise at first. When the man started talking, he suddenly recognised his voice and understood that his elder brother Aravind was standing in front of him. Aravind had run away when he was in school. He had scored poor marks in the examination and the teachers complained this to his parents. His dad was furious and when he returned home showed his anger on Aravind.

Aravind was so afraid and ran away from home. Parents were so worried and looked for him everywhere. He could be found nowhere. So, they made a police complaint. But they too couldn’t find him out. After so many years, Aravind has returned and he shared all his experiences. Mom and dad were so happy and proud that he has become a successful gentleman and was eager to get him married. All the relatives and neighbours gathered to celebrate the lost son’s homecoming.

5. Develop the hints given into a story of about 200 words.

A boy associates with bad company–father upset–makes a plan–brings apples–puts them in cup–board–places a rotten apple among them–all apples rots in a few days–boy realises–gives up bad company.

There was a good boy. Unfortunately he got associated with bad company. His behaviour changed drastically. He began to disobey his parents, roamed all day long in the company of bad boys and did not study. This upset his father. He tried his best to bring his son on the right path, but of no use.

One day, the father came up with a plan. He brought some fresh apples from the market. He also brought one rotten apple and mixed it with good ones. He said to his son to put all the apples in the cupboard and leave them for a few days. The son did so.

After a few days, the father asked his son to bring the apples. The son was shocked to find all the apples had got rotten. At this the father said to his son how one rotten apple spoiled all the good ones. Bad friends were just like bad apples. They would lead you into trouble. The father’s words had great impact on the son. He gave up bad company and became a good son once again.

6. A missionary–sitting in cottage near the sea–a woman came with a handful of sand dripping–woman says “my sins are countless as the sands of the sea”–woman unable to get over her guilt–missionary replies, “pile the sand and keep near the sea shore”–“tide will slowly wash it away”–God’s forgiveness works like this.

There was a missionary who stayed in a hut close to the sea. One day a woman from the village came carrying a handful of dripping sand which she picked from the beach. She looked very troubled. She asked the missionary, “Do you know what this is?” “It looks like sand”, replied the missionary calmly. “Do you know why I brought it here”, she asked. “No”, replied the missionary. “The sand grains indicate the number of sins that I have committed in my life”, said she. “Is it ever possible for me to receive forgiveness and live happily”, asked she. The missionary replied, “take the sand and place it near the sea shore, wait and watch how the tide comes in slowly wash it away. It can be seen no more. That is how God’s forgiveness works.

The Bible says: Even if your are stained red with sin, I will wash you as clean as snow.

7. Old couple–staying together–son abroad–one day got message from son–excitedly opened and read the letter–man becomes sad–wife asks why have you become sad–gives letter to wife–wife reads and become sad too–neighbour visits–sees the old couple sad–asks what happened–couple gives the letter to the neighbour–the neighbour reads–feels disappointed–son going to sell the house–asking parents to go to old–age home–neighbour sees photo and another letter–new villa–son asking mom and dad to come and live with him.

There lived an old couple and their son and his wife were settled abroad. One day they received a letter from his son. After reading the letter the old man became depressed. His wife observed this and enquired of what was written in the letter that has made him so sad. He gave the letter to his wife and asked her to read it for herself. When she read, she too became sad and both were worried of what would happen to them. The message was that, the son was asking the parents to vacate the house as he had made a deal to sell the house.

After a while their neighbour, Mr. Hari arrives asking them what had happened as their son had called him and seemed worried as they had not picked up his call. They gave him the letter and he too read the letter and was dismayed. Later he checked the envelope and found a photo of a villa with their parents name engraved in the name plate and a small note, asking their parents to move in with them in that big villa. The old couple were so delighted and thanked the neighbor.

8. A 5th standard child–got poor marks–classmates and teachers disregards him–boy shows report card to mom–mom worried–boy careless and taking sufficient efforts–mom schedules a time–table–boy disinterested to follow–mom strictly orders–boy accepts–follows mom’s instruction–becomes topper in class–classmates and teachers astonished–boy also overwhelmed–understands and follows mom’s good advice–now grown up and a neurosurgeon, author and politician–Benjamin Carson.

A child studying in 5th standard performed poorly, scored less and the teachers and classmates disregarded him. He takes his report card and shows it to his mom. Mom was worried and thought for herself that her son is talented enough but wasn’t taking enough efforts. She makes a time table for him to follow, asking him to do his daily homeworks and read extra books to improve knowledge.

The boy hesitates and tries to convince his mom to back up from this plan. Mother gives him strict orders to follow this time table and that there will be no change. Within few weeks he scores well and eventually becomes the topper. Everybody in his class were surprised and he himself was overwhelmed with his progress. He followed his mother’s advice and now that boy has grown into a well known neurosurgeon, author and a politician. He is none other than Benjamin Carson.

9. In the beginning of the world–all animals worked for man–except camel–animals complained to man–man asked him to work double time–animals angry–complained to Djinn–Djinn talked to the camel–camel merely said “Humph”–Djinn created the humph for the camel–camel could never get rid of that humph.

It was the beginning of the world. All animals worked for man except the camel. When the dog and horse asked the camel, he simply said ‘humph’. They took the matter to man. Man carefully listened to the complaint and decided not to waste his energy on the idle camel. Man made the other animals work double the time. The animals were infuriated by man’s unjust action.

They met the Djinn of the desert and complained. He met the camel and asked him why he did not join the other animals in the work. The camel said “Humph”. Djinn warned the camel of his rude behaviour and advised him to mend his ways. Despite the Djinn’s warning, he repeated “Humph”. Angered by the indifference of camel, the Djinn chanted some magic words and suddenly the camel grew a huge hump on its back. Now the camel is working but the hump stayed.

10. In England–an orphan Pip–one afternoon seized by the neck–fearful man–fetters in legs–was a convict–Pip pleaded not to cut his throat–convict asked for food and file–Pip ran to get them–convict freed himself–had food–boarded a ship to Australia–Pip grew up–dreamt of becoming a prosperous gentleman–highly educated–one day a man brought message–the convict died–made Pip the inheritor of his property–Pip realised–man with fetters–file and food years ago.

In England there was an orphan named Pip. One day as he was walking down the street, a man from back seized him by throat. Pip was frightened and pleaded the man not to cut his throat and kill him. Pip turned to see the man who seemed to be a convict with fetters in his legs. The man accepted Pip’s request if he would bring him a file and some food. Pip immediately ran to the market and bought what was demanded by the convict and gave it to him. The convict freed himself and had the food.

He boarded the ship to Australia and Pip never saw him again. Years passed by and Pip grew and he always dreamt of becoming a well educated and rich gentleman. One day as Pip was walking by, a man came and gave him a small piece of paper in which it was written that Pip was to come to Australia and inherit the property a convict had left. The convict was none other than the one whom he had given food and file years ago. Pip was overjoyed and immediately left to Australia.