Samacheer Kalvi 9th English Completion of Dialogues

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Tamilnadu Samacheer Kalvi 9th English Completion of Dialogues (Fill in type)

Complete the following dialogue appropriately :
1. Selvi : (i) _________?
Librarian : Yes, Come in. (ii) _________?
Selvi : I wish to become a member of the library.
Librarian You have to pay a membership fee.
Selvi : (iii) _________?
Librarian : An annual fee of two hundred rupees.
Selvi : (iv) _________?
Librarian : You can borrow four books at a time.
Selvi : (v) _________?
Librarian : You should return the books within fifteen days.
(i) May I come in sir
(ii) What can I do for you?
(iii) How much should I pay?
(iv) How many books can I borrow at a time?
(v) When should I return the books?


2. Bookseller Hello Sir! (1) __________?
Customer Sir, would you allow me to exchange this book with another book?
Bookseller (ii) __________?
Customer A few pages are missing in this book.
Bookseller (iii) __________?
Customer I bought the book this morning.
Bookseller (iv) __________?
Customer : Here is the bill (v) __________?
(i) May I help you
(ii) Is something wrong with this book
(iii) When did you buy it
(iv) Do you have the biu
(v) and the book. Kindly exchange it

3. (Telephonic Conversation)
Rm : Hello (i) __________?
Rahim : Yes, may I know who is calling?
Ram : (ii) __________?
Rahim : Hi Ram, what can I do for you?
Ram : (iii) __________? Are you free after six this evening?
Rahim : Sorry. Ram (iv) __________? Will it be convenient for you to come tomorrow morning.
Ram : Ok (v) __________?
(i) Is Mr. Rahim at home
(ii) It’s Ram. May I see you for five minutes
(iii) It’s an important personal matter
(iv) I have an urgent appointment with my boss
(v) See you tomorrow at 9 a.m.


4. TTR : Ticket please.
Traveller : Sorry sir, somehow I have lost my ticket.
TTR : (i) ________ ?
Traveller : (ii) ________?
TTR : Then (iii) ________?
Traveller : Just a minute sir (iv) ________?
TTR : Be quick.
Traveller : I got it. Here it is sir.
TTR : (v) ________?
Traveller : OK. Thank you sir.
(i) Then you have to take a new ticket with penalty.
(ii) I don’t have enough money to take another ticket sir.
(iii) Then, what are you going to do?
(iv) Shall I check once again in my bags?
(v) 0k. Always keep your ticket at safe place. Don’t waste others time.