Samacheer Kalvi 9th English Letter Writing

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Tamilnadu Samacheer Kalvi 9th English Letter Writing (to a friend)

Samacheer Kalvi 9th English Letter Writing 1
Various parts of a formal letter

  1. the heading
  2. the inside address
  3. the salutation
  4. the body
  5. the closing
  6. the signature
  7. the address on the envelope


The contents of a formal letter

  • Use a courteous, positive and professional tone. Maintain a respectful, constructive tone.
  • Use formal language. Avoid contractions or abbreviations.
  • State your purpose clearly and briefly. State the purpose of your writing in the first or second sentence of the letter.
  • Include all necessary information. Provide all the information your reader needs to understand and respond appropriately to your letter.

Format for Business and Official Letters:
Business : to dealers for buying and selling goods or comments on goods purchased.
Official : to Officials, to Principals, Teachers.
Samacheer Kalvi 9th English Letter Writing 2
(a) Station (Place): y city
(b) Date: e.g. 20th Jan. 2019
(c) From Address
(d) To Address
(e) Salutation:
Sir, Dear Sir, Respected Sir, Madam (Principal, Teacher)
(f) Sub:
(i) Complaint on
(ii) Requisition for.
(iii) Orders placed on
(iv) Reminder on
(g) Ref:

Complaint letter
Bill No. _______ dated _______ (Reminder letter)
Previous letter dated
(h) Commencing lines :
(a) This is to inform you that
(b) I wish to bring to your kind notice that …………………………
(i) Content of the letter :
(j) Request:
(a) I shall be very grateful if the necessary measures are taken by the authorities concerned at the earliest
(b) I shall be obliged if early measures are taken in this regard by the authorities concerned
(k) Thank you,
(l) Subscription:
Yours truly,
Yours faithfully,
(m) Signature:
x x

Format For Personal Letter:
Samacheer Kalvi 9th English Letter Writing 3
(a) From Address :
Y City

(b) Date : Eg. 20th June, 2019
(c) Salutation:
My Dearest __, Dearest __, Dear __,

(d) Commencing Lines:

  1. Hope this letter finds you in the best of health
  2. Hope you had received my previous letter
  3. Thank you for your loving letter
  4. Happy to meet you through this letter
  5. Thank you for the you had sent me

(e) Concluding Lines:

  1. Looking forward to your reply
  2. Awaiting your reply / coming eagerly
  3. Convey my love/regards to

(f) Subscription:
For Parents, Uncles,
Aunts – Yours lovingly,
For Friends – Yours lovingly, sincerely,
For Brother, Sisters, Cousins,
nephews, nieces – Yours affectionately,

(g) Signature


1. Kumar wants to invite his friend Siva for his sister’s Marriage a week earlier, to assist him in the arrangments. He could not complete the content of his letter in about 100 words.
23rd January 2019.

My Dear Siva,
Hope this letter finds you in good health. It’s been a few months since we’ve met. I have a good news. My sister, Shanthi’s marriage has been fixed on 30th of this month. We would like to have your presence two days ahead. So please be part of the family. Looking forward to be with you. We need your ideas for the reception hall and its decoration. All of us are expecting your arrival soon.

Your loving friend,

Address on the envelope :
Mr. S. Siva,
20, Anna Salai,

2. Kavya wanted to write a letter to her uncle to ask him if she could spend her summer holidays with him. She had started her letter but had not completed it. Complete the content of her letter in about 100 words.
No. 20,4th Street,
Gandhi Nagar,
Chennai – 600 020.
13 th December, 2018.

Dear Uncle,
Hope this letter finds you in the best of health. Uncle, with my exams over and with the long wait for the results, I thought I could spend my summer holidays with you, aunt and brothers Ramu and Raju in the fields and plantation in the village.

It would be very refreshing after my exam and I am looking forward to put my hands to work. Shall I be there on Sunday? My father will drop me at the village.

Waiting for your reply or phone call at the earliest.

Your loving

Address on the envelope :

Mr. Vasanth,
20, Everon Heights, Ootacamund,
Nilgiris District.


3. Write a letter to your friend telling about how your house was burgled when your family was away on a holiday. (*^)
36, Gandhi Road
Chennai – 45
04 August 2018

Dear Ramesh,
How are you? I feel sad to inform you that my house was burgled last week when I was on a holiday. Burglars might have known from the accumulated newspaper pile that I had gone away. When I came back last Sunday, I found the back-door lock broken. I could have forgotten to bolt the back-door from inside and they should have entered through it. My room was ransacked. They took my laptop and other valuables. I must have deposited the jewellery in a bank locker to avoid this loss. I should have informed my neighbours about my week-long trip. Well, I have registered an FIR with the police. They are investigating the case. They have assured that I would get my jewels back. The burglars will be caught very soon. Convey my regards to all at home.

Yours lovingly,

Address on the envelope :
Mr. Ramesh,
50, Bharathiyar Street,

4. Suba wanted to write a letter to her friend congratulating her for her victory in Para Olympic Games. She had the format ready but Is yet to complete the letter. Complete the content of her letter in about 100 words.
Answer :
9/11, Kinely Street,
R City
2nd February, 2019.

Dear Rajalakshmi,
I am fine. How are you? I am very delighted to know that you have got victory in Para Olympic Games. Please accept my heartiest congratulations for this great achievement. Actually, your selfless dedication and devotion to the cause pf Sports and Games have earned you this deserving recognition. This is just the beginning and many such victories and medals should follow.

Your loving friend,

Address on the envelope :
Miss Rajalakshmi,
27, Woodland Street,