Samacheer Kalvi 9th English Solutions Prose Chapter 2 I Can’t Climb Trees Anymore

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Tamilnadu Samacheer Kalvi 9th English Solutions Prose Chapter 2 I Can’t Climb Trees Anymore Questions and Answers

I Can’t Climb Trees Anymore Warm Up:

I Can’t Climb Trees Anymore Question (a).
Have you ever tried swinging from a tree?
I love swinging from a tree. It is a good sport. It reduces stress and rejuvenates us to face tomorrow stress free.

I Can’t Climb Trees Anymore Book Back Answers Question (b).
Have you ever climbed up a tree to pluck fruits?
Yes, I have done it. During summer holidays, when I return to my native place, once I had climbed up a mango tree and plucked the fruits stealthily.

9th English I Can’t Climb Trees Anymore Question (c).
Think of other occasions when you have climbed up trees, either near your homes or outside. Share your reasons with the class.
Tree climbing is a recreational or functional activity consisting of ascending and moving around in the crown of trees. Climbing up a tree was a very popular activity when I was an elementary school student. I was a tomboy and preferred to go outside everyday playing with some friends. One day, during a break between classes, I was as usual trying to climb up a tree. It was quite thin and not very tall; also the tree which I chose was located in front of a park. In the park, there were many people who were almost all students of the same school.

I climbed up steadily and finally arrived at the top of the tree. I could feel the fresh wind and survey the view. The weather was warm and sunny. After I was satisfied I tried to climb down quickly because it was time to get back to class. I got caught in one of the branches and couldn’t move further. It was so embarrassing because all my friends were watching. A couple of minutes later, my teacher ran to the bottom part of the tree with a worried face and helped me to climb’ down safely.

I Can’t Climb Trees Anymore Intext Questions

I Can’t Climb Trees Anymore Questions And Answers Question 1.
What was the old house built with?
The old house was built with solid block of granite.

9th Class Can’t Climb Trees Anymore Question 2.
Does the visitor still live in the house?
No, the visitor does not live in the beautiful old house.

I Can’t Climb Trees Anymore Questions And Answers Question 3.
What did the visitor hide in the jackfruit tree?
The visitor hid some marbles, a book, a few old coins and an Iron Cross in the jackfruit tree.

Can’t Climb Trees Any More Question 4.
When did the visitor actually hide the Iron Cross?
The visitor hid the Iron Cross twenty-five years ago.

I Can’t Climb Trees Anymore Textual Questions

A. Based on your understanding of the story, indicate either ‘T’ (True) or ‘F’( False) against the columns.

I Can't Climb Trees Anymore Questions And Answers Samacheer Kalvi 9th English

  1. True
  2. True
  3. True
  4. True
  5. True
  6. False
  7. True
  8. False
  9. False
  10. False

B. Based on your understanding of the story, answer the following questions by choosing the correct answer.

1. The story I Can’t Climb Trees Anymore highlights the importance of ………………….. .
(a) old age
(b) youth
(c) adulthood
(d) middle age
(b) youth

2. The house which was visited by the man ………………….. .
(a) remained unchanged.
(b) was totally changed.
(c) was slightly repaired.
(d) was given a facelift.
(a) remained unchanged.

3. Who said, “A blessing rests on the house where the shadow of a tree falls”?
(a) Grandmother
(b) Uncle
(c) Grandfather
(d) The visitor
(a) Grandmother

4. The visitor came back to the house because he …………………. .
(a) wanted to see the jackfruit tree.
(b) was looking for his lost youth.
(c) wanted to look again at his old house
(d) wanted to buy the house.
(b) was looking for his lost youth.

5. The visitor gifted the …………….. to the little girl.
(a) iron cross
(b) marbles
(c) bronze medal
(d) old coins
(a) iron cross

C. Answer the following questions in a sentence or two.

I Can’t Climb Trees Anymore Answers Question 1.
Explain: “Blessings rest on the house where the shadow of a tree falls”.
We humans treat Nature as God. Nature’s gifts have always been thanked and taken. If a house has the shadow of a tree falling on it, then the inmates of the house have a feeling of being protected, guarded and blessed under the bowers of God.

Can’t Climb Trees Anymore Question 2.
What did the writer observe about the house?
Ruskin Bond stood on the grass verge by the side of the road and looked over the garden wall at the old house. The old house was built with solid blocks of granite. There was a new outhouse and lesser trees. The jackfruit tree was at the side of the building casting its shade on the wall. There used to be a turnstile which he, as a boy, would swing round until he got dizzy. In its place now was a wall with tall hollyhocks on the side of the wall.

I Can’t Climb Trees Anymore Theme Question 3.
What was the local superstition about trees?
The belief the local people had about trees was that when the shadow of the tree falls on a house that house is blessed by God.

I Cant Climb Trees Anymore Question 4.
What did the visitor do with the turnstile when he was a boy?
When he was a boy, Bond used to swing round and round the turnstile until he was dizzy.

I Can’t Climb Trees Anymore Lesson Plan Question 5.
Who is the owner of the house now?
Colonel is the owner of the house now.

I Can’t Climb Trees Anymore By Ruskin Bond Question 6.
Why did the visitor return to his old house?
The visitor returned to his old house searching for his memories of old days by going back to the places of his youth and childhood.

Can’t Climb Trees Anymore Lesson In English Question 7.
How did he get back the Iron Cross?
The girl who lived in the house where Bond had spent his early days climbed up the tree and got for him the old Iron Cross from the hollow space. Bond kept it there approximately twenty-five years before.

Question 8.
How did the grandfather get the iron cross?
The grandfather fought in France in the First World War. The Iron Cross was a German decoration awarded for bravery during the War. The grandfather got the Cross from a German soldier.

Question 9.
What did he do with the old Iron Cross?
He returned the old Iron Cross to the girl because Bond did not go there in search of the Cross but for his youth.

Question 10.
Where had he left his childhood treasures?
He had left his childhood treasures in jackfruit tree’s hollow.

D. Match the words in column A with the meanings in column B by drawing a line as shown.

9th English I Can't Climb Trees Anymore Samacheer Kalvi I Can't Climb Trees Anymore Book Back Answers Samacheer Kalvi 9th English
1.(f) 2.(e) 3.(a) 4.(b) 5.(c) 6.(d) 7. (h) 8.(g)

E. Read these shortened forms of words and write the full form for the remaining words and complete the table given below.
won’t : will not
I’d : I had / I would
I’ll : I will

I Can't Climb Trees Anymore Questions And Answers Pdf Samacheer Kalvi 9th English Prose

  1. you had/would
  2. they have
  3. he had/would
  4. he is/was
  5. was not
  6. is not
  7. does not
  8. are not
  9. would not
  10. cannot


F. You are visiting the primary school where you studied classes I to IV, after six years. You get a chance to go to your standard two classroom and you are permitted to sit at the same place where you used to sit.

Question 1.
What would you remember?
I would remember about the happy times spent in my classroom with my friends. My place in the classroom and learn writing again in the four lines on the board etc.

Question 2.
Describe your feelings at that time.
In ecstasy, as the cherished moments are relived and though it can’t come back in our life again, we do get a sense of satisfaction.

Question 3.
Who do you miss very badly, your friends or teachers?
Of course friends, we cannot deny the very important role played by the teachers in shaping us what we are today. Missing only the friends because every second of the school timings was made a memorable one by them only.

Question 4.
Share your thoughts with the class.
Apart from home, school is the single most important place in the lives of most children. The experience of school will play a vital part in their lives and will determine their academic, social and probably their occupational future. The desks, the rooms, the entire ambience remained the same. The minute I saw the school. I recalled several moments, spent some time in the place where I was seated in class 1 and then went to each and every place and cherished the recalled moments. I shall never forget them. It was like a time machine which helped relive my moments.


G. On seeing these pictures, you would have gone down your memory lane. Write a paragraph in about 50 words describing your favourite sport when you were young.

9th Standard I Can't Climb Trees Anymore Samacheer Kalvi

My favorite sport – Gilli Danda
It is an amateur sport. The game is played with two sticks; one large called danda and the other one-fourth of the size of large stick called gilli with tapered ends. The players are divided in two teams to play this game, the hitter team and the opponent team. The danda is used to flick the short gilli into the air, and hit again to make it travel to a maximum distance. In case the hitter is unable to flick the gilli. their turn gets over after three chances. The hitter’s score is measured by the distance from the place where he hit the gilli while it is up in the air. If the opposing team catches the gilli, then the hitter ends his him.

Think and Write

H. Based on the story and your own ideas write your answers in about 80 to 100 words each.

Question 1.
Imagine yourself as the writer. Narrate the story of your visit to your ancestral house.
I decided in the middle of my age to relive some of the moments by practically visiting the spot. So, I went to Dehra where I spent my childhood days with my grandparents. I observed from far and noticed that the house has not changed much. I was happy to see the blocks of granite building and the jackfruit tree. Turnstile where I swung round and round was missing. Tall hollyhocks grew on one side of wall that was built in that place.

When the girl invited me inside the house I climbed over the wall but couldn’t land safe. I didn’t enter the house but spent sometime sitting on the stone bench under a mango tree. I recalled the music of a piano, the chiming of a grandfather clock, the cranking up of the old car of my grandfather, constant twitter of budgerigars on the veranda, and my treasure stacked in a hollow space of the jackfruit tree. All this memories relived gave me a lot of strength, happiness and boosted me too.

Question 2.
The man who came to the house gave the cross as a gift to the girl. Why did he do this? What do you think would have happened if he had taken back the cross with him?
The man gave the cross to the girl because his purpose of visit was not to collect it from his old house. The girl also may not have any particular use with that iron cross but would have taught her a lesson how each moment is precious in our life. Suppose, the man had taken the cross with him, he would not be able to treasure it as she would due to her age. It is young, teenage period where such innocent, sweet nothings are loved and enjoyed.

Creative Writing:

I. Write a letter to your friend describing your ancestral house.

22 May 2019

Hi Vijay,
After a long period, I had the opportunity to revisit my ancestral house. Each and every moment was very valuable in my life. My maternal grandparents’ house in the midst of widespread greenery, a big house with unending halls and large rooms, scent of love, pleasure, moist imprint of kisses of my relatives. The house painted white with ample car parking area. My ancestral house was an antique piece due to its magnificence and splendor. The house also had the magnetic Rolls Royce car which was the most attractive commodity bought by my grandfather. I liked the view on the first floor near the balcony from which I could grasp the beautiful scenery of fields at the rear side while the market at the other side. The furniture was all one of its kind. What is said is one-tenth of these marvel, untold is innumerable. Rest in next letter as I am bit too emotionally disturbed. If there is any matter of concern do write to me. Bye. Meet you soon.

Yours friendly,

Address on the envelope:
Samacheer Kalvi 9th English Solutions Prose Chapter 2 I Can't Climb Trees Anymore 6


A. Work with a partner and fill in the table with information about your locality. You may add more information, if necessary. When you finish filling the table, write a short paragraph comparing the two places.

I Can't Climb Trees Anymore Story In English Samacheer Kalvi
I Can't Climb Trees Anymore Answers Samacheer Kalvi 9th English

I stay in Madipakkam. My partner lives in Nanganallur. My house is very close to Velachery railway station. But it is quite far from Chennai airport. Whereas Nanganallur is close to airport. Grand Mall is at a walkable distance from my house. But in case of my partner there are no malls as it is renowned as temple city. It is one of the important heritage centres of Chennai. Madipakkam is surrounded by lakes. It is a water logging area. There are no drainage and water connection. Media shows my place during raining season as the boats come to rescue and the food supply is from the air through helicopters.

B. Give your opinion and compare the items in each picture using -er, more, less, or an irregular form. Use the words. You may form your sentences in more than one way.

Samacheer Kalvi 9th English Solutions Prose Chapter 2 I Can't Climb Trees Anymore 9
1. (a) Indian food is healthier than Italian food.
(b) No other food is as healthy as Indian food.
(c) Indian food is more calorific then junk food.

2. (a) Motor bikes are not safer than cycles.
(b) Bicycle is the most eco-friendly vehicle.
(c) Bicycle is economical.

3. (a) Android phones are trendy.
(b) Android phone sare more interesting than radio.
(c) Android phones also act as one of the best education tools.

4. (a) Train journey is safe.
(.b) Train journey is quicker than bus.
(c) Train journey is one of the most comfortable forms of transport.

5. (a) Wooden chain is sturdy.
(b) Cushion chair is cozier then wooden chain.
(c) Cushion chair is the costliest of all chairs available in the market.

C. Look at the bar-graph. Write five sentences using the appropriate degrees of comparison.

Samacheer Kalvi 9th English Solutions Prose Chapter 2 I Can't Climb Trees Anymore 10

  1. Paragliding was more popular in the year 2001 than 2017.
  2. Bungee Jumping was the most favourite adventure sports in India in the year 2017.
  3. Surfing was only liked by 10% of people in the year 2017.
  4. Bungee Jumping was more popular than Rock Climbing in the year 2017.
  5. 20% of the people loved rafting as adventure sport in the year 2017.


D. Listen to the conversation between Leena and her mother and list down a few new words. Using a dictionary find out the meaning for those words.
(For listening to the passage refer to our website www.fullcircleeducatiori. in)

Mother : Leena, what are your plans for the winter vacation? I thought we could go to a heritage site in India.
Leena : No Mom. This time, I wish to take up an adventure sport which I have been planning for long. But I am not sure whether we have good options for adventure sports in India.
Mother : Why not! India is a versatile and multifaceted country and every part of it offers some new adventure to see, some new place to visit. Ranging from the wonderful treks on the powerful and the bold mountain ranges of Himalayas, sky diving adventures in the west, hill stations of the south, proclaiming beauty of the Karst caves to the desert trips in Thar, all the varieties are found in one nation.
Leena : That’s great to know that with the brooding modem nation, you can savour all the adventures either in the.midst of towns or surrounded with the nature’s bounty.
Mother : But we must carefully choose the organizations that offer such programmes. We should go for ones that are registered with Adventure Tour Operators Association of India and Ministry of Tourism.
Leena : Ok, Mom. Let us see if any of those places have bungee jumping. I have been dreaming of doing this dare-devil jump for the past two years.
Mother : If you are really ready for bungee-jumping, I suggest we go to Rishikesh. Apart from leaping off a cliff, you can do white-water rafting too. What do you say? Let’s talk to your father and ask him to do some enquiries.
Leena : Yaayyy!!! I am so excited. I can’t wait for Dad to come back from office.

Samacheer Kalvi 9th English Solutions Prose Chapter 2 I Can't Climb Trees Anymore 11
Samacheer Kalvi 9th English Solutions Prose Chapter 2 I Can't Climb Trees Anymore 12

E. Just a Minute:

The class will be divided into groups of five. Each one of you will get a topic to speak on, which will be related to the theme of the unit. A preparation time of one minute will be given. Then, you have to speak for one minute continuously. The teacher will ring the bell to signal the end of a minute. Next person in the team will take over.
The challenges of the one minute speech are to speak without

  • hesitation, stuttering and stammering
  • pauses, gesticulations and repetitions
  • deviating from the topic

Social Networking:

A social networking service is a platform to build social networks or social relations among people who share interests, activities, backgrounds or real-life connections. A social networks service consists of a representation of each user, his social links and a variety of additional services. Social networks are web based services that allow individuals to create a public profile, to create a list of users with whom to share connections, and view and cross the connection within the system. Most social network services are web bases and provide means to interact over the internet, such as e-mail and instant messaging. Online community services are sometimes considered as a social network service.

I Can’t Climb Trees Anymore by Ruskin Bond About The Author:

Ruskin Bond (born 1934) is an award winning Indian author of British descent, much renowned for his role in promoting children’s literature in India. A prolific writer, sought solace in reading and writing. He was awarded the Padma Shri in 1999 and Padma Bhushan in 2014. Ruskin Bond’s writing career spans over five decades over the course of which he experimented with different genres including fiction, essays, autobiographical, non-fiction, romance and books for children. Some of his works have been adapted for the television and films. ‘The Blue Umbrella’ novel was made as a film for children which won the National Award for Best Children’s Film.

I Can’t Climb Trees Anymore Summary:

I Can't Climb Trees Anymore Summary Samacheer Kalvi 9th English

I Can’t Climb Trees Anymore is an e×citing short story by Ruskin Bond. The story underlines a very basic feature of our lives: searching the memories of old days by going back to the places of childhood and finding those people who once were part of our everyday life. It brings back the nostalgia that has been forgotten with the passage of time. Bond comes down to the city of Dehra from Mussoorie. He understands that many of his friends might have moved to other cities in the pursuit of career or otherwise. He moves to his grandmother’s bungalow.

He had spent a lot of time with her, especially during summer vacation. After her death, the bungalow was sold to someone else. Bond doesn’t know who owns it now but he still remember the trees. Some of them were planted by him. He observes the familiar trees and other things while losing himself in the flood of memories. Soon a girl aged around twelve comes to the gate and asks him the reason for staring at his home. Bond says that once this house belonged to him. The girl, understanding his feelings, invites him inside. Bond comes in by climbing the wall in remembrance of his childhood days.

They both sit on a bench beneath the mango tree. Bond says that he loves the Jackfruit tree and around forty years ago, he placed a cross on it which was brought by his grandfather from Germany who fought the World War II. The girl insists him to climb the tree to look for it but Bond knows that he is no more a kid of that era. So, he refuses to climb the tree. The girl brimming with energy of growing years climbs up the tree and brings down a rusted iron cross. It was the same cross Bond had placed there. The girl gives it to him but Bond refuses to take and says before leaving that he came here to find the lost youth, not the cross.

I Can’t Climb Trees Anymore Glossary:

bougainvillea – an ornamental shrubby climbing plant that is widely cultivated in tropics
brigadier – a rank of officer in the British army, above Colonel
budgerigars – a small Australian bird of the parrot family, often kept in a cage as a pet
chiming – make melodious ringing sounds typically to indicate the time
colonel – a rank of officer in the army
cranking – the act of turning a handle to start an engine
hollyhocks – a tall Eurasian plant of the mallow family, with large showy flowers
muttered – to utter words in a low tone
pruning – the act of trimming a plant
slithered – slide or slip unsteadily on a loose or slippery surface
sprightliness – lively and full of energy
trapeze – a horizontal bar hanging by two ropes and free to swing, used by acrobats in a circus.
turnstile – a mechanical gate consisting of revolving horizontal arms fixed to a vertical post, allowing only one person at a time to pass through

Brisk – Confident and practical, wanting to get things done quickly
Hollow – With a hole or empty space, not sincere, hollow promise
Information – Knowledge, fact
Remember – To not to forget to do, remind
Understand – Believe, to know or realize the meaning

glad – happy
valuable – useful
prove – evidence
constant – existing

friend × foe
smiled × frowned
silent × violent
brisk × shy
elder × younger